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The American Intelligence Report with Kristan Harris – Truth Frequency Radio

Trumpfest Wisconsin, Snowden,Protesters

Sep 29, 2016

On Kristan T. Harris’ American Intelligence Report: Donald Trump In Wisconsin, People Dont Know Why They Go, Anti Trump Protesters in Majority not Pro Hillary, Constitution. Headlines today: SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE Facebook artificial intelligence chief developed SURVEILLANCE systems, Sony’s new PlayStation VR headset...

Common Core, Guests Kevin Savo and Matt Anthony

Sep 28, 2016

Today on Kristan T. Harris’ American Intelligence Report we will be discussing common core education, headlines, election coverage and we have guests today! Joining us, Kevin Savo, writer, director, and co-star of Mack Bruder: Honor Among Geeks. Matthew Anthony is the star, and Co-Writer of the film....

Debates, aftermath, who won

Sep 27, 2016

Debates, Trump, Clinton, Johnson and more! website:

Trump/Clinton Debate, False Flag Terror, AI

Sep 26, 2016

On Today’s Kristan T. Harris American Intelligence Report – Watch tonight’s debate on FACEBOOK live on American intelligence Report with me, Hillary Vs Trump, Obama Vetos 9/11 bill, Robots to be programmed to hate and more! website:

William Binney, NSA Watching You have Sex: Headlines

Sep 23, 2016

Today: NSA Watches You Have Sex From Your Cell Phone/Webcam On Today Live broadcast! NSA Spying on you having sex through your cell phone and webcam, William Binney, dhs, FBI, Snowden Movie, Charlotte Riots and more! website: