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The American Intelligence Report with Kristan Harris – Truth Frequency Radio

Crowds on Demand, Craiglist add Hiring Trump Protesters

Mar 31, 2016

Today on Kristan T. Harris’ American Intelligence Report: Wisconsin Craigslist add Paying Protesters $15/hr to Protest Trump Rally, George Soros, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Wisconsin GOP, Scott Walker, Political strategy, establishment, RNC, DNC, Ron Paul 2012, Callers, Politicians Hire Crowds on Demand to Give...

History of Secret Societies, Nimrod, Babylon, Rome,Pope

Mar 30, 2016

On today’s episode of the American Intelligence Report Kristan T. Harris goes over headlines and continues History of Secret Societies: Secret societies used for crime, freemasons, Babylon, Rosicrucians. Nimrod, Saints, Jesus Christ, The Cross, Egyptian Mythology, Rome, gods, Constantine, sun worship, symbolism,...

Newt Gingrich, Secret Societies, Donald Trump, Symbols

Mar 29, 2016

On today’s show Kristan T. Harris goes over the symbols on the dollar bill, Newt Gingrich’s comment about initiation rights into the secret societies, freemasonry, Albert Mackey, Manly P. Hall, Nimrod, sun worship, zodiac symbols, mystery Babylon, Semiramis, Columbia, Osiris, phallac, Washington monument, Catholic...

American Intelligence Report – Kristan T Harris

Mar 28, 2016

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Robots, DNA Printer, 3d printing, Animal Human Hybrids

Mar 25, 2016

On Friday March 25th, Kristan T. Harris goes over the robots, human obsolescence, animal human hybrids, call of duty, 3d printing, age of aquarius, books of Enoch, obsolete man pt 2, create your own path. Music going out: The Response: War of the Roses Bosio: Against the World LISTEN LIVE: Tune-In...